Thursday, January 14, 2010

Arterial Street & Proximity to Commercial Property

Many properties don't just suffer from one form of external obsolescence. Here is a nice little bungalow in Chicago's Portage Park neighborhood. This thing is clobbered with bad external.

First off its located on Cicero Avenue, a major four lane arterial street.

Next its located in close proximity to commercial property. It's got a Taco Bell on one side and a IHOP on the other. The drive up window for the Taco Bell is adjacent to the property line.

This is a terrible location for a residential home. You have noise from car & truck traffic, safety is a concern, you would not let your child play in front of this house. In addition odors from cooking, noise & lights from commercial activity may go on 24 hours a day, can I have your order please!

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